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Made in the USA


Economy Pricing, Trusted Protection

Our most affordable full-size safes, the Centurion line offers solid Liberty-brand protection at a lower price, including:

  • 30 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 14-gauge steel safe body
  • 10 - 3/16” thick locking bars
  • Gun Only or Dual Flex interior
For another entry level heavy duty gun safe, take a look at our USA series.

This is a California-approved firearm security device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655and the regulations issued thereunder.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $549

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Centurion Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 23 customers ratings and reviews

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Best safe money can buy
written by Tk on May 18, 2020

written by KT on October 2, 2019

Excellent Product
written by Robert Johnson on September 13, 2019
The safe is a well made. It is the perfect size for my needs

Peace of mind
written by RT on June 12, 2019
Buying a safe was a desision that took a long time to make. You know you should have one but hate to spend the $1000.00. After it arrived I realized how much it helped organize all my guns and ammo. It also allowed me to empty my safe deposit box and save the bank fee. The peace of mind and having all your valued stuff in one place and safe makes a big difference.

Best safe out their for the money
written by John Vetters on April 11, 2019
I had a cheap safe(wont mention the name)but the digital combo broke from my 8 year old son trying to get into it. He is very handy with the internet and he was googling how to open the safe which believe it or not there is a video on how to crack it in under a minute by resetting the code. Needless to say I freaked out and I my wife was not to happy. Happy wife happy life, and I didn't want to sell my firearms so...I bought a safe the next day. I knew it had to be a serious one this time and i wanted one with a good warranty as well as some degree of fire protection. My friend has a large Liberty safe and I was impressed with that, so I decided to go with the same company. I am very pleased with the safe, once bolted in I know it is there to stay and there is know breaking into this baby without some serious time and tools. Bear in mind this is on the low end of their safes, the Centurion line. The safe together with an alarm system,cameras and Colt my stuff is secure .

great safe
written by gunho on March 25, 2019
A very well built safe and a lifetime warranty.

Safe At Last
written by Charles Michael on October 14, 2018
I trust this safe will stand up to all the hype that it has been given over the past year that I have been looking and toying with the idea of purchasing a larger safe. After it goes through a hurricane or two I will let you know what I think of it. Hey, the wife likes it; so Happy Wife, Happy (SAFE) Life!

The Perfect Safe for Responsible Owners of Firearms
written by Tony Please on August 31, 2018
The Liberty Centurion 24 safe is one of the best purchases I've ever made. It affords me adequate space for my modest firearms collection along with other related items.
One of my favorite features is the flexibility it offers for shelving. Next, I like the cushioned interior as well as the door panel which significantly expands storage space.
Of course, most important is the security assured by the safe's heft, its satisfactory fire protection and its functional lock. Lastly, I like is exterior finish. All-in-all, a nice
addition to my household.

best safe ever
written by JP Boca Raton Florida on July 31, 2018
I love my liberty safe and would recomend it anyone looking to purchase a safe

New Owner
written by Mike E. on June 21, 2018
Satisfied with the product for it's intended use which is to secure firearms, cash and other valuables.

Security Overall
written by Ed H. on April 10, 2018
This is a light duty safe, but far from being light weight. The construction is perfect for a secure residence or office. Not as expensive as the heavy duty big brothers, but strong enough to delay and deter attempted break-in. My first choice was made in America, then moved on to functionality. Plenty of space for my firearms, and additional items needing more security. The added safe alert is an additional layer of security. The home intrusion alarm will limit how long a criminal has to complete their theft. This safe will further deny them stealing firearms which would end up in the hands of criminals. My primary decision to purchase a Liberty Safe was to secure firearms. I couldn't feel comfortable on vacation knowing firearms were only protected by a home security system. A criminal could clean out a house in 10 minutes. Now I'm confident that the threat of firearm theft is eliminated and I can enjoy my upcoming vacation.

Value for the money
written by Mike B on March 22, 2018
Great value for the money and excellent service from CK Locksmiths

Sound sleeper
written by Fiddlinjim on September 29, 2017
I finally got something to replace my Stackon Rifle & Pistol Cabinets. What a relief not having to play with keys and loud racket when accessing my guns. Smooth as butter!

written by Scott on September 19, 2017
I found the Centurion to be well priced and versatile for my needs...Guns, Ammo, Valuables with a 30 minute fire protection rating which should be fine due to our fire protection response times.
I also wanted to find a product Made In The USA and Liberty's Centurion model fit all my needs.
It took us a long time to decide and the fact that I stopped into CK's Lockshop and Security Center in Delray Beach Florida and they had the model on the floor and able to accessorize it with a door panel, have the lock changed to an electronic lock and ready to take out the door within a day of our decision made it that much easier.
Glad to support USA products and Hometown Small Business with Exceptional Customer Service!!

Good quality.
written by Endnoter on June 25, 2017
This is a well-made safe. It met my needs and then some. I would recommend it to others.

written by stan on June 6, 2017

written by JB FTL on May 25, 2017

Must have
written by bobby2c on October 11, 2016
You get a lot of bang for the buck, easy to operate and Knowledge that your guns and valuables important papers are safe.

Great Product
written by Satisfied Customers on August 17, 2016
As a nine year police veteran, four years in investigations I know the importance of securing and safe guarding valuables, especially firearms. I have seen an increase in residential burglaries in the city in which I live and decided I was not going to leave my valuables vulnerable any longer. My guns and other personal belongings are secured from theft and god-forbid a fire.

Centurion 24
written by JB on May 18, 2016
Perfect size safe!

written by StanK on April 28, 2016

Satisfied customer
written by Dr K on April 21, 2016
While billed as entry-level safe, the Centurion 12 is well constructed, solid, fits my small footprint and accommodates by 8 guns comfortably. Used a local Platinum dealer so selection to delivery and set up all went perfectly.

written by Someguy on June 4, 2014
Have only owned this safe for 1 month. So far, quality is top-notch. The lock is precise, the door glides on the hinges, and plates lock with minimal resistance.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.